Rendition of a Dream

Conceptual Art

Being an artist and photographer can sometimes set you a part from other people in either field. As I not only capture and document certain moments for clients, it's also my business and passion to create moments. Create things that I envision, or dream of... I take inspiration from all around me. Often, I don't know where an idea comes or where the idea originated from.

I know for this piece, I drew from some of my favorite movies like Ghost in the Shell and Resident Evil. For all my sci-fi nerds, you know what I'm talking about ;) To say that I'm a nerd would be an understatement. Visually, CG animated movies, Sci-Fi flicks, and fantasy genres, stimulate me. It's hard for me to get away from that in any work that I do.

Here are a few WIPs from creating "Rendition of a Dream". The title not only implies that the woman is dreaming, but also of my desire to create this piece. I'm not kidding when I say it took me almost a year to realize this piece. And, I by no means think it's perfect. I am in the process of learning Blender 3d which I used entirely for the background image, except for some post work in photoshop, and of course compositing Alex from our studio shoot.

Below is where I started almost a year ago, and probably the concept image I showed to Alex in the studio... she thought it was cool then, so did I, but constant re-work and re-imagining the scene helped create the final.

Where it started almost a year ago... ugh.

Another in progress shot. One thing with Blender... save a lot, it does have a tendency to crash, so make sure you have backups and different revisions of your work. I've got a butt load for this project. I decided to do away with the sphere after doing a test composite of Alex, which didn't look right in my mind.

Had a very Star Wars feel to it.

A "clay render" of the final scene. Just coming to find out about this technique, I wanted to share it. It shows a lot of the problems in the modeling. I was aware of most of them while working on it, but realizing that it was going to be an overall dark scene, I knew I could hide most of them.

Clay Render.

The final render, before post work in photoshop to add dust particles and some smoke for effect.

Final Render.

In studio, we shot Alex in multiple positions, blowing her hair around with a huge fan, she was a real trooper. In the end I decide to use Particle Shop's Hair brush to paint in the base of the hair, and the added highlights etc. with a regular hair brush that I use in photoshop. Instead of trying to manipulate the much messiness of the existing shots. She had gorgeous thick hair, that was all over the place, well... because of the fan...

After painting in hair for Alex, and then separating her from the background in photoshop.

I have to say that I am extremely proud of this piece. A lot of work, learning new things, and bringing old and new techniques together. Along with many hours in front of the computer watching Youtube videos for tutorials on Blender.


The best sources for Blender Tutorials (and motivation), these guys are amazing, I have a long way to go.

  1. Andrew Price at Blender Guru and his Youtube channel
  2. Gleb Alexandrov with Creative Shrimp and his Youtube channel.
  3. Blender 3d, always free, 3d content creation software

Also, if you're interested in Painter's Particle Shop, here's that link: Particle Shop

I hope you enjoyed this image as much as I did creating it, if you made it this far, Thank you!

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