Color Me Rad - Shoot

Beauty Photography

Here's my latest attempt at blogging,! Anyways... Shonda, the owner of Color Me Rad, wanted to get some images of the vivid hair color that she offers clients.  These three ladies came in on three different days and were of course a blast to work with.  They were all rockin' new do's and looking good!  All of these were shot with a Canon 5d MKIII and 70-200 2.8 lens, around ISO 100, 160th sec and f/8, using Einsteins from Paul C. Buff.

Chelsey was just a blast in the studio.  She drove all the way here from Mississippi for a new hairdo, did a great job in the studio, and was very natural in front of the camera.

Jennifer of course is always a blast! She's our makeup artist, if you didn't know, and also works for Color Me Rad.  She doesn't much care for this pic since she thinks she looks sad...

I think she might have been a little sad here...

Trish was super fun and had the brightest hair out of the bunch!

Super cool ink!

I wanted to include a few behind the scenes shots, I almost always forget, and even when I remember don't put much thought into it...  Here's a shot of Shonda and Patrick getting Chelsey ready, and a typical setup that I use for headshots.  These were taken with a Canon 6d and Sigma 35mm 1.4, using the ugly available light in my studio..

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