Meet Haas

Commercial/ Portrait Photography

I'll be up front and say that I know nothing about writing a blog, or blogging.  I'm sure eventually I'll get around to reading a blog about blogging, but for now I'm going to throw this out there and see where it lands.  I might get a bit long winded or wordy considering this is my first, ever!

hat I am going to discuss is what I do, why I do it, and maybe a little a bit about how.  Hopefully, someone will gain some knowledge or perhaps some insight into their own work.

am a portrait photographer, what I am not is a wedding photographer.  We get a lot of calls asking for prices on weddings, we don't do them. But, we'd be happy to recommend one of the many fine photographers that we have in the area.  When we get clients, whether it be families, couples, babies, etc, it's our job to create images that are going to create memories for a lifetime, and that people want to display for a lifetime.

e also love doing conceptual work.  Conceptual can sometimes fall out of the range of what is normal or perhaps probable.  That's where Photoshop comes in handy.  There are many photographers that will cry foul at the mere mention of Photoshop. SOOC (straight out of the camera) is usually found right below their pictures.  I think it's awesome.  That's not what I do either.  If it's mine and you see it, it's probably been Photoshop'd.  I want people feeling confident that when they leave my studio that I'm going to make sure they are presented at their best.  As the world sees them, not as the camera does. Cameras have a bad habit of picking up every flaw a person has.  This also starts with knowing how to light a subject to bring out their best, but that's another blog, I think.


So meet Haas:

Haas is a Wrestler, Personal Trainer, and all around awesome guy from Columbia, SC.  He's also probably one of the largest men I have had the pleasure of photographing.  I would tell you that the photo above is SOOC, but that would be a lie.  The local Photography Club of Beaufort hold year long projects.  This year, it's the Seven Deadly Sins.  When they first announced it, I thought I would be ambitious and do a shoot for each one!  Hmm, we'll see how that goes.  We had met Haas through very good mutual friends, and presented him with the concept and he was gracious enough to do the shoot for 'Wrath', the first subject of my year long project.

Now, I won't lie, below is an image SOOC:

He really did roll his eyes back like that for me, awesome guy.  It was shot on a plain white roll of paper, with a studio light on either side of him, a beauty dish directly in front and slightly above, and a soft box on the ground in front of him.  Our friends at Jack and Jane Sports in Columbia were kind enough to let us use their store for the shoot, great people, great athletic wear,should definitely stop in and see them if you're in the area! The next image is what I wanted from this particular photograph.

How I got there was through Photoshop.  I'm not going to make this into one long guide on how to use Photoshop.  Can't do it.  I will provide a screenshot at the end so you can see how many layers were left when I was done.. Honestly, it's not that many layers, my process can create many many layers but as I move through an image I start to combine them to save disk space and free up memory.  Cool image right?  Cool guy deserves a cool image...

This isn't a beauty shot or glamour, fashion, whatever, but when I asked my beautiful wife if I could use a before and after of her, she said no.  But, I have the same feelings towards any image that I create. We want our clients to feel like rock stars, fashionistas, and beauty queens.  I am an artist. Photoshop is a tool, just like the camera. For me, it's not the process but the final result that matters.

Oh, here's that boring screenshot of Photoshop.

And if you made it this far, you're already a rock star.